Uses of sofa pipe

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Use of sofa pipe

Furniture pipe is used as a simple but useful product in various industries. According to the various characteristics of the furniture tube with various brands, its use in different industries is defined. For example, Saab furniture tube, due to the absence of wrinkles during bending, has a very suitable application in industries that bend the furniture tube.


The furniture industry and the art of decoration are indebted to this ability of the sofa tube. This ability, which means the ability to bend, is due to the quality of welding and the alloy of the pipe steel. The higher the pipe welding seam, the higher the reliability and the higher the quality of the steel, the higher the possibility of bending. Customers in various industries have seen wrinkles, cracks, and open seams of various furniture pipes.


Some products are produced with variations in the diameter of the sofa tube. This change in diameter along the length of the pipe is achieved by using the ability to stretch the pipe. They heat the pipe and stretch it as much as possible. Mebili Saab pipe has the ability to be safely stretched to 100% and immediately tapered.

Table of Contents

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