Galvanized Pipe (Conduit Pipe)

Galvanized electric pipe is a pipe that is used to protect and guide the electrical wiring of a building or structure. Metal or plastic may be used in the structure of the electric pipe, and naturally we know that the steel electric pipe and its connections have higher strength and thickness.

Application of galvanized electric steel pipe

Structures and industrial complexes that need to transmit high voltage electricity.

Residential complexes where cabling is done in high volumes.

Warehouses and sports sheds where the light is adjusted at a high height.

Streets and city highways where the electric cable must be transferred from the ground level.

History Of Conduit Pipe Use

When the gas lights were converted to electric, the installations and gas supply pipes to these lights remained in place. Some of the early electric lighting installations used these pipes to pass electrical wires and since these pipes had high strength, they provided very good physical protection for the wiring. This problem made the use of pipes for physical protection of electrical wiring to be extended to other applications as well. In the early 20th century, couplings and fittings were developed and used for use in the electrical industry.

Currently, most of the standards prohibit the use of gas piping for the passage of electrical conductors. This problem is due to the possibility of damage to the cover of the electric wires due to the unevenness and impurities inside the gas pipes.

Galvanized pipe

Galvanized pipe

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