Behnia Sales Group (Ahan Safa Gharb) ​

The High Quality Of Saab Products Has Made Them Affordable

For more than 20 years of successful activity in the industrial iron market, Bahnia Sales Group has achieved a successful formula for sales at the country level.

Why Are You Important To Behnia?

The management of Behnia Group, more important than the customer, did not introduce us. So we have no duty but to think about you. Do not exaggerate, profit is also important. But we believe that you will get the profit. We believe that we will benefit together. This password has been your long companion during these years.
To maintain your satisfaction, elements are required that are extracted from management strategy books and theories. But we asked you ourselves and figured out how to keep you happy doing business with us. Today, you can ask for all kinds of furniture pipes and light profiles with the specific features you need.

Our Services

Exclusive production

Floating pricing

Exclusive production

Variety Of Furniture Pipe And Sub Profile

Benefits Of Working With Us

We have learned from experience that what is most important to you is the consistent delivery of a quality over time. We gave importance to this and put it at the top of our efforts. We did not claim complete success, but we tried our best.

It is impossible to plan for production without the stability of raw material prices. During these fluctuating years when the price of furniture tube fluctuated from 2000 tomans to 20 thousand tomans, we tried to make it easier for you to bear these conditions. At least we didn’t become a new problem for you. We understood and were understood.

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