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Saab greenhouse pipe

Haft Almas factory is one of the leading factories in the country in the production of galvanized pipes. The cold galvanization method and the unique quality of the pipe have made Saab greenhouse pipe one of the unrivaled products in the light industrial pipe market.

Sab greenhouse pipe specifications

Saab greenhouse pipe with a maximum length of 12 meters and a maximum thickness of 2 mm is produced directly from galvanized sheet. From this, the following can be mentioned as the characteristics of the Saab greenhouse pipe:

Features of Saab greenhouse pipe
Very low permeability
Low oxidation
High flexibility
Suitable threading
Very low wrinkle
Can be delivered during the specified time
Saab greenhouse pipe
Saab greenhouse pipe price

Due to the fluctuations in the price of the sheet, it is very difficult to provide the price of the greenhouse pipe. Therefore, Bahnia sales group will be at your service with the contact number 02162719. You can also be informed about the latest prices of galvanized pipes by becoming a member of Bahnia sales group

Table of Contents

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